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Race Evaluation

2002 AB Champs Classic Re-run: Course 7/8


1. +07:00Bad Start. Overshot 1 to next Hill. Had to re-orient and backtrack to 1.
2. +04:00Only taking splits for every 2 controls. Watch only has 8 splits. After 1, very cautious, but bang on. Lost time being cautious.
3. +03:00Slowly accelerating, but still checking map and terrain more often than needed to make sure I'm right. Deadfall on this leg made going slow, but bang on.
4. +02:00Went around countour and too far west. Missed control and had to come back to it.
5. +01:00Good fast leg, but control seemed too low.
6. +04:00Long leg, made decision to use westerly re-entrant by spring. Maybe not such a good choice as the slope was quite steep.
7. +02:00Long leg. Used both trails and straight bearings. Made a mistake on re-entrant coming into one too early and overshot control. Came back to control.
8. Short easy leg. Nice
9. +01:00Went up trail instead of through bush and off of trail corner. Lost some time should have gone on straight bearing.
10. +05:00Had Control circle marked too high and missed control on first try. After making sure I was in right area, looked lower and found control.
11. Fast and easy
12. Nice shot up trail and into re-entrant.
13. +02:00nervous about making mistake here, Cautious

Total Time Lost - 00:31:00

Split Analysis

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