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Race Evaluation

GAOC: GA Navigator Cup - Day 1: Blue


1. Down Trail, scanning course, across bridge.
2. Though about going low along water but decided higher around the green and rock would be better. slow going along side of hill but no problems getting to control
3. STUPID CONTROL. No reason to have this on the course.
4. +00:10Continue to just run in general direction. Got off to the right and had to stop and pause. Never saw the ride.
5. My route sucked. I think the best round was to run along the left edge of the map. Left route is 2.7K vs 2.1 in more straight and has 3 less contours.
6. straightish
7. +00:10contour around and up to top of spur. Down spur to control. A little bit left.
8. +00:30just ran in general direction. Crossed stream to far left and couldn't see reentrant. Paused to figure out which way to go.
10. Angled down to stream. Hit stream at stream junction. Up stream.
11. +01:30 I spazzed out and got confused on up vs down. Thought I was looking for a reentrant but was looking for a spur. Ran off to the left.
13. Up reentrant and to the cut clearing. Cut in at top of
14. Up Mountain, yet again. Skirt big reentrant and down the smaller reentrant.
16. Countoured northish, cut through green to trail. Trail around. Dogleg to the control.
19. +00:15Spazzed out again. Saw Dave Onkst and though he was finishing also and thought it would be cool to race him in. He crossed the trail amd le[t gpomg without hesitation. I thought I was looking for a paved road and not a dirt road so crossed also. Went just far enough for red runner to get back ahead of me. Legs starting to cramp on the trail run. Another Stupid control.
F. Legs cramping so couldn't run real hard.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:35

Split Analysis

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