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Race Evaluation

Salzburg Cup 1: Long (H19 / H 35)


1. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Drifted a bit towards the control. First time on the map so I needed more control, but didn't do that.
2. +00:20Dodged the high meters.
3. Good - mostly walked.
4. Good, going so slowly that I can't really make mistakes.
5. Great - walked
6. +00:30OK, dodged high meters and lots of walking.
7. Lacked confidence
Unsure about the controls as trees (green) was very green and I didn't tape. Also scratched my eye - painful.
8. OK, and I think my route choice was good. Mostly walked though.
9. Great - showed everybody the control *grin*
10. Bad map reading
Confused parallel features
Naja, wasn't concentrating on the map and made a sort of parallel mistake because I mistook the tree stump (green) as river (blue) - it was dark in the forest.
11. No problem, fence was gone but could still see the control.
12. Nice control, showed all the young boys where it was.
13. hard slog back up towards the finish - mostly just walked. Trying to stay ahead of Mani.
F. No problem.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:10

Split Analysis

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