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Race Evaluation

GAOC: GA Navigator Club - New Manchester: Red Day 2


1. After yesterday, I knew that I wouldn't have much legs for today, so I resolved to stay in complete contact with the map. I jogged down the trail to the first bend and then continued straight to the stream. Checked off the rockface as I started heading back up.
2. I didn't waste any time deciding to take the road route to the west. At first I wasn't sure I'd made the right choice since the ride was badly overgrown. However, once I hit the gravel road I knew this had to be the fastest route. Went just left of the hilltop and then straight to the top of the reentrant. Control seemed to be hung about a contour low, but it was easy to see so I didn't lose any time.
3. Went slightly high of the red line so I would miss the steepest part of the big reentrant. Once in the big reentrant, I contoured over to the spur and then went directly across the small reentrant with the ride. I picked up the vegetation boundary which led me into the control. Saw Spike as he was coming back up the hill.
4. +00:30Straight up spur to the field. Cut into woods just above the control, but the spring is at the bottom of the reentrant rather than halfway up as mapped, so I looked around for about 20 seconds confirming a few landmarks. Once I decided to head down, I found the control at the bottom without difficulty.
5. +00:30Got a bit sloppy on this one, heading up the spur further to the sourth rather than the one just left of the red line. Figured it out halfway up and adjusted my route accordingly.
6. Straight, easy.
7. Up to the road where I took a swig of water. Cut the corner from road to the trail, picking up the trail about halfway along the E-W field. Visibility was bad and the terrain was a bit confusing where I left the field, so I moved carefully until I was sure I was going down the right spur. Picked up the ride down the spur, checking off the knoll just before the control.
8. Started heading for the lower trail, but took another look at the map just before heading down and decided the upper trail was better. Everyone who took the lower trail regretted it, so I guess I got lucky on this one. Spike punched just in front of me.
9. Up the spur to the ride. Stopped to retie my shoe halfway up. Started pushing since the reset of the course was downhill and caught Spike at 9.
10. Right of the ruins to the top of the ditch. Got caught in some deadfall and Spike got ahead of me a bit. I decided to take a chance and left the ditch to head straight through the green to the control. Got there just after Spike punched.
11. +00:30Started heading NE looking for a place to cross the big ditch, but it was getting deeper in that direction. Ran back the other way and found a crossing spot - probably lost about 30 seconds. After crossing I went up the reentrant to the control.
F. I was really tired and the footing was bad on the run in so I backed off just a bit to avoid a fall. 4th on red and 1st on M40+.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:30

Split Analysis

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