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Race Evaluation



1. Good start, clean into the control.
2. Stayed high above the green by the lake. Hit the trail 50m right of the control.
3. Straight to the tip of the inlet, then straight at the control. Woods were just as fast as the trail.
4. Safe route using the big spur to the S until I could see the stream junction below the control. Objectively not fastest, but it's an area of the map where staying in contact can be tricky.
5. Way right to take the trail through the scrub oak, then clipping the tops of the reentrants into the control.
6. Yawner leg - trail pretty much the whole way. This might have been the beginning of the end for the legs, although they still felt OK.
7. Slightly right to make sure I hit the stream where it was crossable. Got quickly up to the right height on the far side and then contoured over.
8. Went up a line to miss most of the green. After the powerline went pretty much straight at it, but found the streams at the bottom pretty confusing. Was pretty sure i was on the right one, but sure felt a lot better when I spotted the bag from 50m out.
9. +04:00Went too far right and ended up pretty close to the gravel road, so I just bailed to the road so I could keep moving fast while I figured out what to do. That worked fine and I picked up the EW trail just S of the camp. Should have stayed on it, but instead cut the corner and got really slowed by the scrub oak. Crap leg made worse by the fact that I was now really overheating.
10. Ran accurately, but it wasn't really running. Had to walk the climb up to the control. Matt was about 20s ahead of me for most of this leg.
11. Since moving fast was out, I didn't bother with all the trails and just went straight through the camp. Got ahead of Matt and passed Rob just before the control.
12. By now the death match was a death march and I just staggered along. Easy nav, but I was hardly moving.
F. Was a bit worried about tiptoeing along the top of the waterfall given that my motor control was pretty shot, but couldn't give up on a tough run at this point, so I took the straight route in.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:00

Split Analysis

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