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Race Evaluation

Canadian O Champs Classic: Course 7


2. Disturbed by others
Disturbed slightly by Don's presence
3. +00:30Should have just blasted to the stream along the bottom of the hill, but kept trying to keep on touch with the map.
4. No attack point
Did not check features en route
Could not relocate
Went low and followed intermittent stream between trail and road. Was not sure of where I was on road. Ended up way too high and circled.
5. Took it easy after losing it last control and went on a steady bearing.
6. Bad compass work
Ended up going too low and came out at road bend. Followed various features, but ended up hitting stream, then turned back.
7. +01:00Hit the trail and went northwest. Found bridge and had to turn aroun and go back to path junction.
8. Came across powerline sooner than expected and ran along it. A good choice in retrospect.
9. Ran almost due south checking off features.
10. Ran straight to control.
11. Ran just north of the evil green vegetation.
13. +00:30Went a bit too far west, but saw the intermittent, dotted stream and relocated quickly.
14. Hesitated
Ran fast to the trail, but then hesitated on and off to make sure I knew where I was. Went a bit too far west again.
16. Straight to trail then right through the open areas.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:00

Split Analysis

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