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Race Evaluation



1. I went straight across to the trail hitting it at the intersection, then following it to a kink. I got off the trail a bit early but it was a safe move.
2. +02:30I started to go straight, then thought to go around to the right, then compromised. I crossed the trail at the open area, then drifted far right. At the bottom I went left and hit #14 expecting it to be #2--bad. Not recognizing the code, I went on anyway but tentatively.
3. +00:30A guy was ahead and moving my way. I took off quickly without getting a good read. I went straight, catching then passing him only to stop at another wrong control. Figuring it out, I caught-up to the same guy again, who let me punch first. Thanks...
4. Mostly straight up, I could run the hill w/o stopping. I wanted to find the trail intersection at the top but could hardly see the double trail and just kept going. I was glad it was just at the bottom of a big reentrant.
5. +02:00Planning to go straightish, I drifted right and upon seeing the field, changed my route to go through it to the field and trail. Changing my mind again, I jumped back into the woods angling for the trail but never saw it. I found the stream and got pretty close to it but couldn't find the stream on the map while running--it is shown in the thick green which wasn't that thick. I never saw the trail along the lowIand either. I was still unsure I had the right reentrant until I crossed the T-intersection and started seeing other controls and runners again. Bad.
6. I went straight at it, getting a little too high on the left. Sam Listwak the course setter said he expected some would go around to the right.
7. +03:45Eagar to do better, I took off w/o setting my bearing correctly. I kept veering left, hitting the trail left of the bend. I came down it to the right, not sure why the curves didn't match-up and turned left at the first intersection. Again, I hadn't seen that there were two trail intersections in the area. After I could see it was going the wrong way I realized where I was and charged into the downfall hand drawn on the map. I passed right by #1, then followed the white gap to the next reentrant, passing another runner along the way. I attacked from the right of the stream intersection, almost missing it well to my right.
8. Sam's course notes said we wouldn't find an optimal road route but I went up anyway. The climb was slow but the running still seemed more efficient. I left the road at the reentrant and followed the rocks/cliffs. Finally a better leg for me.
9. +01:45Rushing again, I took a bad route. I thought if I went straight it'd be too hilly so I just blindly ran down the reentrant, headed NW at first. I should have gone SW. I crossed the creek, took the trail and counted reentrants. Crossing again, I then attacked off a trail bend, going through the mountain laurel at the end.
10. Straight across and up the hill. To keep running, I cut left to use the reentrant to level the climb. At the road, I mistook which intersection I was at and went down the middle road instead the the west most one. I think this was better than I planned as it saved climb and distance. I passed the bath room building and hit it just before Steve Meacham got there.
11. +00:45I crossed the creek immediately and started going too high. It looked okay to go straight so I tried, passing the chimmney along the way. I popped-out of the green well to the left, saw it on my right and ran almost 150m to it.
12. Down to the stream junction then mostly straight, glad to see it where I thought it should appear.
13. Staying straight across the first big reentrant, I got left a bit and onto the windy trail on the next ridge. I slowed to open and eat a PowerShot. I thought the running would be better and it didn't seem so winding on the map. It got me to the next reentrant which I dropped down into, 100m above the 5th control, then up to the top of the next ridge/knoll. I contoured around the next reentrant to hit it well.
14. I went straight to the trail intersection and took the trail to the bend. Coming down the reentrant, I felt it was more defined than on the map so I started to think I'd need to look to my right at the bottom. I saw the control to the left and thought to check it anyway and it was right. Just lucky.
15. I went a little low then just tried to go straight through the green, trying to keep running until I hit the trail. I hit one deadend along the way which I backed out of to the left. I hesitated after crossing the trail, looking for a way around or a good entry point into the next green. I went through and found it not bad.
16. Straight across to the knoll, I just kept my feet moving along the ridge of the knoll to the control
17. +01:10Across the saddle, then angling down, I could see it far off. I got there, looked at the code then scratched my head. I had looked at the wrong block of my control card and thought something was amiss. I took a split, wandered uphill, could see the building at the finish and the clear reentrant so I went back and figured it out...
F. Chug, chug.. ahh. Not very satisfying navigation but I felt I ran okay and that I'm getting more fit again.

Total Time Lost - 00:12:25

Split Analysis

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