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Race Evaluation

Canadian O Champs Classic: Course 7


1. Walked almost entire flagged route. Was surprised to see Pavlina approach the control from a different direction. Turns out she started 6 min before me and didn't take the taped route.
3. Bad route choice
Ran down through the thick overgrown yellow areas to the road, then along the road to the yeallow bit just about due south of control. Lost time getting to road.
4. Bad compass work
Just missed control to the south but caught myself on the small marshes and green beyond. Lost c. 4 minutes though.
5. Bad compass work
A compass leg -- not my strength. Was caught by stream beyond control; was too low and had to climb a couple contours.
7. Bad route choice
Decided to head up to road/powerline, knowing I was climbing more than I needed to. Didn't go directly to road and lost time climbing through the thickish woods. Very fast once I hit the road/ powerline/trail system.
8. Bad route choice
Underrated difficulty
Bad map reading
Headed back to the powerline & came in from the north. Stopped too soon the first time; went back to the powerline and the second time I drifted too far to the east. Holger H-J was wandering in the same area, and said "my control is supposed to be a reentrant but there's no reentrant in my circle." So I was pretty sure we had the same control. I told him we were too far east and led him right to it.
9. Ran too fast
Didn't pay a lot of attention when I left 8 and had to slow down to figure out where I was. Luckily, I came into the big overgrown field just NE of the control & figured it out.
12. Beautiful woods!
13. Tired
Lacked concentration
Followed others
Was reading the features all the way, but 200 meters from the control I lost contact as I lost concentration and was led off to the east with another woman. I relocated first and headed back to the rocks. Found the rocks but didn't see the control, a bit further down the hill, right away. While still approaching, heard one of the Smith twins yell "go Sandy!", but didn't see Sandy.
F. Passed on the run-in by Sandy Smith and another runner. Though I didn't have any errors on the last few controls, I figure Sandy must have lost some time because I don't think I would have kept pace with her from 13 in (and I didn't see her).

Total Time Lost - 00:20:00

Split Analysis

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