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Race Evaluation

Calgary: Nose Hill TNT

Jon W

1. Fast run into first control. Site visible from start.
2. +01:15Looked in wrong copse originally. Ran further and found control. Hard work running up hill into wind
4. +04:30Under ran spent some time looking in wrong copse.
6. +05:00Couldn't find control. Tried to follow bearing but missed it. Without reflective flags visibility was difficult. No opportunity to relocate.
7. +15:00Spent a long time looking in the wrong place. Eventually found the correct place but was unable to see the flag in the dark.
8. Fast run. Racing Jim Beattie. I won!!
9. +01:40Lost over a minute due to not being able to see flag or feature despite only being 7 or 8 meters away.
10. +00:15Fast run. Lost some time due to increased undergrowth not on map.

Total Time Lost - 00:27:40

Split Analysis

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