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Race Evaluation

FUMA @ Fork Union, Virgina: Blue


1. I am feeling a bit wheezy since last night and probably should have passed on this event - but cabin fever won out. Up to the tennis courts, through faculty housing, to the road. To the big road and the control.
2. Trail to clearing and then across stream - the first of many times today. Up sloppy trail to control.
3. When I got back, Mike B said that Francis H said that I messed up on #3. I did and I was ticked off because I still couldn't figure out why. When I got home, I looked at the clue sheet again and the light went on!! I had fixed in my mind that I was looking for a pit, not a gully. So, I resisted going downhill. A pit would be on level ground. It never even hit me that the map didn't add up to what I had in my mind. I went back and forth and finally down to the stream. I was heading back up to start again when I spotted the control. Still not in a ditch. Francis was coming from this area.
4. This was a gully also, but just being burned, I shamelessly followed Francis' tracks to the control. I didn't even notice that pit vs gully issue.
5. Follow the tracks halfway to the control then I am on my own.
6. Distance is short but I am pooped already.
7. 6-7 crossed over 4-5. Rip my shirt on an unmarked barbed wire fence.
9. To the road, around the fenced yard, under the pipe, trail.
10. Take the stream to the field. Field to trail, but not as early as I had hoped. Just as well because trail is sloppy wet. Follow fence through field - fence never ends. Pick up Francis's trail and follow it to control.
11. Straight to control.
12. Up to stream and trail to small clearing. Trail west to big clearing.
13. Hit trail at the fork, down trail, and in to control.
14. Exhausted. Trail to field and then angle over to pond to control.
F. Hike up the sloppy trail and across the wind blown lot to the finish. Decided to carry water and my digital camera. I never did see the water at Controls 1 & 8 - behind the tree and across the bank. I was grateful for the 20 oz I had with me. I wasted time trying to get the self-timer to work. Hey, all those pictures of just the control got boring.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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