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Race Evaluation



1. No probs. AHR 157
2. +01:00Came too close to water's edge then back up to the optimal route. Should have made a more direct curve a bit higher. AHR 166
3. +01:00A bit slow at end. Didn't have a firm grasp of location, but not especially slow. AHR 168
4. +01:00After crossing green area, my line was somewhat too far south. AHR 170
5. +03:00Red line route because the woods just aren't that bad. Crossing every little ditch was confusing, some probably didn't rate mapping. Slow ending due to confusion. AHR 163
6. +00:45Red line. Lots of trail. I think there are two rock faces down there, but didn't really give it more thought than getting to the most southern portion. AHR 168
7. Seemed ok. But the time seems long. AHR 166
8. +02:00I thought I was wandering all over the place on the way to this one. Two minutes is just too fast for this one. An extra button press in transit?
9. Something about this seems impossible. I'm minutes behind Eric on every leg, then pow. This was a very long leg, I didn't make any mistakes. I'm in first place. Hm... AHR 163
10. It didn't last. I fall off my lack of exercise cliff. AHR 165
11. Found Eric and Matt enroute. That doesnt hurt my times from here on out, cause my mind is going. AHR 165
12. Short red line, long leg. I'm pooped. I was shuffling, but look at my AHR. AHR 170
F. Pretty slow for a short leg. Not far behind Eric for this leg. AHR 174

Total Time Lost - 00:08:45

Split Analysis

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