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Race Evaluation

US Team Training, Joe Grant, San Jose: Long


1. The control was exactly one contour too low.
2. Did not plan ahead
From #1, I started up the hill instead of diagonally down. Corrected about 1.5 contours up.
4. Did not like map
Bad distance judgement
The control was about 16 m too far W and just under a contour too high. But I was about a contour too low. (Kenny—the blame table needs another one, "Bad Elevation Judgment"?)
9. Bad compass work
I deviated too far to the right and hit the bushes around the creek (many more than mapped). Then, hit the unmapped gully tributaries of the creek. Had to look for a spot to cross. None of this would have happened had I went straight. Also, # 9 was too high (Syd had warned in advance) but it didn't affect anyone.
10. The bag was one tree too far E.
12. Caught up with Alexei.
13. Bad distance judgement
Passed Alexei. Then, spent a ton of time short of the control, in the broad reentrant, looking at the unmapped vegetation uphill.
14. Deviated from the line but it was probably OK.
15. Went my secret way, on the mapped cow path—I had an advantage knowing, from setting courses at Joe Grant twice, that this was the better way, as opposed to the rocky reentrant bottoms.
18. Caught up with Tapio.
19. Passed Tapio. He seemed puzzled by the banana peel.
20. Bad map reading
Bad distance judgement
Went two contours too high just before the control. But the error was not going out of the way.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:30

Split Analysis

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