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Race Evaluation

QOC: Broad Creek: Blue


1. Unused to map
Like last year, this was my first meet in a while--since QOC Riverbend. Snow had cancelled the last two meets. There was 4-5 inches on the ground on all but the south facing slopes. It was sunny, w/good visibility in the woods but windy in the 40's F. Peggy, going on Green, and Jon Torrance and Valerie Meyers on Blue started well before me. This was the first use of the new updated 1:9,000 map in the northern half of the scout reservation. Starting, I was slow to orient and find the start on the map. I went north through the field, then cut right to the control.
2. Unused to map
Still somewhat unused to all the detail on the map, I plodded across. I passed the amphitheatre, crossed the first road thinking it was the second and went on. At the second, I caught myself from running blind and was back on track, but tired. It reminded me of running snow shoes. Going through the curving "Golf" field, I overshot the Blue trail a little (hidden by snow), then came back to it to cross over Deep Run on the bridge. I left the Blue Trail at a bend and followed a ridge up to the saddle. Along the way, I picked-up someone's footprints--Jon Torrance's or Peggy's? I was sweating, sometimes walking and tired on the climb. Going down the other side on the right, I cut left at the large reentrant, then bore right up the ridge. Someone else was climbing a less straight route toward #2 also but I never saw him again.
3. Tired
I was concerned about flubbing this turning control but I just kept the drop-off on my right following the bearing.
4. No attack point
After drinking, I thought to stay high, following what seemed to be an unmapped old road to the fence. I stayed along the fence until it bent away, then went straight. At the road, I went left, taking it to the intersection rather than fighting the sporadic brush. Cutting right at the T-intersection, I left the road at what I thought was the right bend. I was early but after going down a little, I cut right, crested the hill and saw the control not at a stone wall but a wooden fence.
5. Going back the way I came, instead of going down the reentrant, I crossed it to take a straighter route. There were deer trails through the light green. At one point, I could see the road and I cut left more. I crossed the plateau above the control, having seen another runner ahead of me, then cut right to it getting there a little after him.
6. I was quick to leave with the other younger runner there who was still deciding which way to go. I took the high route to the road, again following deer trails. I was worried about not climbing high enough so as I reached the fields, I cut left more and climbed a little more than necessary. Running right down and up the road was good. I tried to keep out of the streaming water by running on the ice in many places. Across the saddle, I stayed on the road to take advantage of the better footing, cutting over right only when I was in the same contour as the rock. It felt good to run smooth conserving energy this leg instead of sliding so much.
7. Leaving the rock, I had a bad bearing but corrected quickly. Bounding down the snowy reentrant, I stayed straight, picking-up the Blue Trail for a little while then leaving at a bend, never stopping. Seeing the rock, at first I thought I had farther down to go. I checked the map and cue sheet going on the left side of the rock to spike it.
8. I didn't want to lose contours so I contoured my way over the first ridge. The low route looked too narrow and snowy to be good for running. At the next cross reentrant, I climbed the ridge to a plateau not very evident on the map. I was slow on the climb, walking with cold feet. I kept checking low to my right to make sure I didn't pass the control but realized I had to climb higher to the left. I saw the rusty metal 70M off and spiked it.
9. Hesitated
At first, thinking to go straight, I climbed. Reaching the sporadic brush I decided to contour around and crossed paths with Heidi Onkst. I paused before the saddle to make sure I was on target, then ran across it and the road. I crossed the gully and spiked it.
10. Did not follow plan
I didn't think long about this. I figured there might be a nice route other than the road but thought the road had better footing and played to my strenghth in running. I figured navigating across would be more up and down (not necessarily true as Francis pointed out the 7 contour less route along the lake and stream), would take more time to stop and navigate all the trails, and be more draining for the overall race. I followed the trail to Hall Rd., then climbed it steadily up the hill. My feet warmed-up. With time to think on the climb, I debated whether my plan to take it all the way to Peach Orchard Rd. was legal. I passed the Entrance Rd., climbing another 175m passing the house on the right w/the barking dogs almost to the hill crest, then chickened-out. I figured it would be out of bounds since there was private property on both sides of the road so I turned around to play it safe. Running back down was fast and I cut up the Entrance Rd. I soon left the Entrance Rd. climbing slowly to the scout reservation border with the low hanging power lines. I ducked under them several times but made good speed where it was flat. Picking-up the Red Trail, I followed it, sometimes cutting corners but staying in the reservation borders. I had to walk some hills. Instead of wading accros the creek, I hit Peach Orchard Rd., saw the control, crossed the creek on the road, and slowly climbed up. When driving back home after the meet, I salivated the easy run down the hill from where I turned around, figuring I lost far more than the 350m on Hall Rd.
11. Bad compass work
Staying with the trail a bit, I got a bit left. The buildings and water tower set me straight. I passed along the dining hall, saw the fence hiding the trash bins and spiked it.
12. Bad compass work
Staying in the open on the road for too long, I got too far left. I passed the pool, and used it as an attack point. I heard the gunshots and yelled out to no avail. As I cut right, I saw it quickly.
13. Disturbed by others
This leg took me back toward the gunfire so I yelled and complained more. I couldn't tell what direction they were shooting until too late. There were so many kids around making noise, I doubt any of them heard me. I guess their shots were hitting the ground within 50m below me so I climbed higher. I fell at one point, landing my right hand. My index finger hit a stick hidden in the snow and I feared it broken. I think I only hyperextended it. Passing the gunfire, I thought to go up the reentrant to the left but instead stayed away from the green. I passed the Manor house and climbed the Manor House Rd. slowly. Cresting, I dropped down on the trail at first then down the steep hill. I crossed Peach Orchard Branch on a log, soaked up some melt water in a marshy area, then cut right to a reentrant. A trail took me to the triangular Main Tower field. Following some footprints on a trail and down into the reentrant, I feared I was passing the control and did. I had to come back.
14. Tired
I used the trail at first, then angled up to the loop at the end of Riggs Rd. Angling again down into the next reentrant, I crossed the creek and decided not to climb the steep ride up to the Admin. Ridge Loop. I contoured around hitting the field but was a bit low. I attacked from the corner and hit it just right.
F. Tired
Tired. A purported 470m of climb and Francis' "ideal" route on #10 had 7 contours less than what I should have done, 9 less than what I did.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:15

Split Analysis

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