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Race Evaluation

QOC: Broad Creek: Blue


1. I didn't finish, but I decided to add what I did anyway. Cut to the road and around to the trail. Went a little low down the hill and then back up to control.
2. Obviously I spent a ton of time on this control. Thought I was going on a straight line but instead ended up at the T in the two streams past Flint Ridge. Wandered around for a while and ended up on Susq. Hall Road near the stream crossing. Not knowing where I was - thought I was off the map - I followed this west until I hit the Saffram Entrance. Debated quitting or sticking with it. Ran back down the road and then south on the trail below 9. Tried to climb to Finney Road through the reentrant just past 9. Somehow managed to circle back and arrive at 9 again from above. At this point I negotiated up to the fields and then finally over to 2!!
4. Along the fenced area to Old Finney Road and then to the intersection. Was a bit north of the control when I cut in.
5. Just followed the trails to the tree.
6. Up to Finney Road.
7. Followed the tracks.
8. Followed the stream - not the smoothest trip. Then missed the control low.
9. Pretty straight to the control. Hoped I didn't miss it this time since now I needed to punch it. No problem.
10. Not much time left and with Glenda waiting for me, decide I will head on in. I found the snow very difficult to navigate in - orienteering and physically. I was going to take the road...

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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