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Race Evaluation

QOC: Broad Creek: Blue


1. +04:30Thought control was much lower so headed down the hill on the clearcut after crossing road. Ran downstream expecting to see control on the hillside but did not see it. Could see the lake so reversed back upstream. Back and forth along the stream and I could see the vegetation boundary. Eventually decided to attack from the top. Surprised to see the control just off the clearing. Did I miscopy? but I thought this was one of the trim controls.
10. Road around. Figured there may have been a better route using the trails and clearings. Looked for it but decide some climb on the road was better than running in the snow.
11. Trail to right, then the road.
12. Marek caught me again as I was drinking. Recognized the area from a previous meet and followed Marek out thru the clearings toward the pool. We both realized about the same time that while the running was better there, it was not the way to the control. Cut into the woods and ran between the rows of trees. Dropped lower into the control while Marek stayed high and missed it.
13. Out to pool, thru clearing and the campfilre area to the road. Cut in at the big clearing. Based on the footprints in the woods so did everyone else. Saw small log at stream but it looked risky so I just waded across. Up the hill catching the trail at the hook. Elephant trail was to far left and went on past the control. Luckily I was paying attention and cut off at the right point.
14. Angled right up the hill to head toward control. Started to head straight into finish when I saw the building, then realized I still needed to get the last control on the far side. Road around and in from the clearing.
F. Up power line and in.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:30

Split Analysis

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