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Race Evaluation

QOC: Rhino Goat, Avalon: Blue


1. Being so slow, I gain nothing from a mass start. I should have followed my instincts and started earlier...but I ended up pitching in at registration and barely prepared myself in time for the start. This may be my last attempt at Blue for a while since I can't seem to finish them. Though I still think the long practice is good for me. Anyway, from the rear, I followed the crowd to the first control.
2. Though Peggy was already a bit ahead, I noted where she climbed the hill and followed her route choice. With no warm up, my breathing is a bit labored up this hill.
3. Again, I see Peggy's route choice and follow it across the stream. From here, I climb too high like some of the others and end up at #4.
4. Debate going back to #3 but I am still struggling, so I decide to use my skip up here. Poor choice!!
5. I went straight at this and ended up just a little high. Surprised to see Nadim come towards it as I was leaving the area.
6. Went straight for the trail and then cut the corner off. Andy Strat and I went in at the same time thought I wandered closer to the ruin.
7. Around the right of the dark green and then over to the control.
8. Straight through the brush to Norris Trail. A little confused in this area, so I had to go down to the stream to figure it out.
9. I have to stop and take my map out of the plastic bag since I can't handle the cross over from front to back. Hit Norris Lane closer to the road than I wanted to. Down NT a bit and then in following another orienteer.
10. Followed the line on the map pretty much. Actually hit the stream right across from the control, though I am not confident where I am. A group of 6 people are down the stream a bit and the kids are screaming, "You're going the wrong way!" This is not the only time I run across this obnoxious group. I look up and spy the control and cross the stream.
11. Totally blow this easy control and now my screaming fan club are over here. What a pain!
12. To Roackburn Trail, cross the stream getting my map a little wet. Pretty much nail this one from west of the control.
13. Cut the corner of the field to the road. Then count telephone poles to the right area. Cut across the field to the control area.
14. Really wish I had my skip back now. I would have done 13, 15, 16. But without that option, I head to 14 the hard way - cross county. End up skirting the private property below Crossview Road and then missing the control. End up visting the property and barking dog northeast of the control. Use the clearing there to work back to the right place.
15. Cross country using the trails to keep me straight. After crossing the Center Trail, angle down towards the West trail and hit the ditch right on.
16. The Center Trail to the hill top and over to the Belmont Trail. Actually hit the correct place but I don't see the trail to the control. Go down to the Ridge Trail and then back up. New signs in this area are calling these trails something different, so they are no use to me. Head back to the right area and see 2 guys going in here. I hear them comment about "she said it was on a finger of land." Follow them to control.
17. Down to the road and then to the trail.
18. Take the trail but cut off what corners I can. I stand at 18 and debate how long the rest of the course is going to take me. I decide to give it a try but head down hill almost to the road before realizing my error. Figure this is a good sign that I have had enough. Take the road back to the finish (1950 meters from #18). So, without route choices, my course if about 10.6K and I am out 3:25. I drank all of my Gatorade/water mix (about 65 oz) and I also drank water at the 2 water controls. It took the usual half hour for my asthma medication to kick in, and though it was a slow slough in parts, my breathing was better after that point.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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