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Race Evaluation

QOC: Rhino Goat, Avalon: Blue


1. Trying to be macho and be first to the control. Payed for it later in the race; of course, it didn't help that I ran a 4min/k park O the day before (yeah, I'm slow) -- arrived with Jon and knew I wasn't going to keep up with him the whole race
2. With Jon and Nadim
3. Ran too fast
Jon leaves us in the dust. With Nadim but boom high and end up at 4. Lost contact with the map as I saw cliffs I did not see on the map. Boom it again on the way back. Figure Nadim is following as he's with me thru the whole escapade.
4. Shocked to see Jon coming into 3 as we head to 4. In first place!
5. Get behind Nadim and Jon, but it appears they start to head SW along the big reentraint to contour around. I see that as a deadend into the private property and head over to the control. Don't see them at the control, figure there's no way they beat me there, so its my race now.
6. reentrant, trail, off ruin
8. straight thru slash, off small trail bend, no sign of Jon or Nadim.
9. Did not like map
Straight. I wasn't running too fast, and didn't feel road or trail would be very profitable. I hate this part of the map, and the fold made matters worse. Could not read my way into the circle, or simplify do the damn map fold. Ran into the area and hacked around, reattacked off road junction, then off other boulder, still was all blind luck without being able to read the map. Sensed that Jon and Nadim still hadn't caught me due to the 7 minutes of thrashing, or I would have heard them, unless they skipped already. I almost skipped after not being able to find it for so long. Figured I was still in first.
10. Along the edge of the private property to the left, then took the trail in. The road run did not look profitable if you honor that wedge of private property coming all the way out to the intersection, and the attack thru the green didn't look pleasant from the road
11. +00:20trail. Did not see the trail intersection, fortunately was relying on contours as a backup and only lost a little bit.
12. Off the property corner and into the saddle. Still no signs of the competition.
14. Had decided before the race not too skip, as it seemed unlikely to be profitable with the 3 minute bonus. But this geography called for a second look, and I measured roughly that I would save a K by skipping 14 (actual savings was 870m). I wasn't running 3min/k, so I hit the property corner then the trail into 15
16. Did not like map
Drift right to the Belmont trail. See Jon heading to 14. Figured he's not skipping in here, and skipped earlier or not skipping at all. By my previous analysis, figure I have about a 10 minute lead, and will win easily if I don't boom. Did not like the trail network into 16, but again the contours were obvious.
17. Did not like map
Again the trails seemed wrong, missed low and had to climb 2 lines (which was painful, never realised they were 20ft lines, no wonder I was feeling it)
18. reentrant, left saddle, down
19. Did not like map
Another map fold problem, and again I lose contact at the fold. Trails also seem wrong. End up way right at what I think is the edge of the gorge. Decide to follow it and hope for the best, and eventually recognize contour features on the other side and reestablish contact. Figure if Jon gets the 3 minute bonus for not skipping, it will be a close race now
20. Reentrant, road bend, read detail
21. Tired
Stream, trail, over hill. Feeling tired now. A month of not doing my normal training due to the snow was coming back to haunt me.
22. Tired
F. Tired
Started on right trail, but it seemed to go to far right, ended up scrambling down gully. Was first in, had to wait 3 minutes to make sure Jon doesn't show up. He's about 5.5 back, prolly would have beat me had he skipped 14. If I take out my error rate, and the 870m for skipping 14, I'm under 8min/k, which is hard to believe for that terrain and that climb. Ted's measurement was about a K less, are you sure 11.6K is right?

Total Time Lost - 00:15:20

Split Analysis

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