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Race Evaluation

US Junior Team Training, Blue Mtn: Park-O


1. Boris led everyone across the "impassable" channel. Second at the control.
2. Passed by Ross.
4. Passed by William.
5. Passed by Sergei on the uphill. I can also feel Dan on my heels.
6. Sergei flies off and Ross hangs on to him. Boris fades and I pass him.
7. Sergei and Ross leave #6 in the wrong direction. It turns out that Sergei is headed to #10. I follow William in the correct direction. Off to the right, I can see Ross recover halfway. William, Ross, Boris, and I reach #7 all at about the same time.
8. Ross leads on the trail. I think I'm third—the finishing order is already established. As we get to #8, I can see Sergei approach from the opposite direction. Was he that far ahead already and missed it? I think. Sergei instead was doing #10–#9–#8...
9. Followed William. He was nice to hand me the punch, unlike Boris at one of the previous controls who gave the punch a nasty whack.
10. Ross was about to mess up to the wrong bridge but recovered. William and I make up some time on him, but not enough.
11. Followed William.
F. I probably had enough energy to pass William on the uphill, but decided to be nice (thanks for the punches, by the way).

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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