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Race Evaluation

Pawtuckaway Camping Weekend: Blue Day 2


1. +00:30Clean, taking first control slow
2. Underrated difficulty
Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Much more rock in this area than mapped. Control was hung on one of smaller boulders in area hidden in some green. 2 relocations before hitting it. Since this was the only 'boulder' among a number of boulder clusters, I presumed (wrongly) that the boulder would be more evident once in the center of the circle, which I was originally from my bearing/pace count. Just did not see the small hidden boulder on the first pass.
4. +01:00Ran out to road, then around to come in from south. ended up high on the hill, came down to boulder - boulder seemed a bit smaller than 1.8m
5. All the way around east of pond. Did not see beaver dam on map, and probably would not have trusted it to be there if I had.
6. To marsh/stone wall, then drift left and up reentrant. clean
7. Up to top of hill, attacked off forked reentrant S of control
8. Bad map reading
Confused parallel features
Went north of ponds, pace count and bearing into control area. Found map very confusing in here. Relocated back out to pond after 'hunting' a while. Came back to same spot, eventually saw a herd leaving control to the SE a bit. J-J picked me up here.
9. clean - more or less w/ J-J but running parallel routes about 20m apart
10. clean, w/ J-J as in #9
11. Bad map reading
J-J obviously going south, I head between marsh and pond, scramble through some really huge erratics, then pick up trail around middle keep. come down NE of bottom dreg and attack off east corner of green marsh west of flag. End up in rentrant just west of depression - but this reentrant should have been a depression (IMO) After about 30 seconds scratching my head in this depression, J-J comes in from west and proceeds over small rise hiding the mapped depression and away we go..
13. +00:30a little drift just before the bag coming up the slope from marsh, J-J ahead and to my right.
14. clean
15. J-J just ahead of me here and he is picking a clean line out to trail so I just suck it in behind him, I look ahead and he seems to be headed straight for marsh, I decide not for me and quickly veer to the east and gain the trail, run hard on trail to road to field and in. I manage to gain 2 minutes on J-J on this leg.

Total Time Lost - 00:20:45

Split Analysis

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