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Race Evaluation

CSU Peter's Hill Park-O: Advanced


1. +00:05Came to the beginner control early, seemed like I went through more green than expected.
2. Straight over the hill
3. Easy
4. Easy
5. Went a little the the left of the crest of the hill. Vakhutinsky punched just ahead of me.
6. Went right around the cliff/crevice.
7. +00:20Lost some time crossing the road and some more time searching for the control (didn't expect it to be on the near side of the feature)
8. Easy.
9. Easy.
10. Easy.
11. +00:05Went too low.
12. +00:05Got confused on the parallel features.
13. Easy, saw Clem at this point.
14. +00:05Went on the path until just before control. Thought control was a tad too far down the reentrant.
15. Easy.
16. +00:30Went way around on the path instead of over. Big route choice mistake.
F. Easy.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:10

Split Analysis

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