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Race Evaluation

Pawtuckaway Camping Weekend: Blue Day 1


1. slow & steady, west of hill and in.
2. clean
3. +00:30down reentrant, across middle of marsh. control hung a bit too far S of dot knoll.
4. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Confused parallel features
swung NE of bottom dreg & middle keep, out to trail cleanly but go onto spur between marshes rather than hill south of larger marsh, and wandered a bit until map made sense. then recovered and continued on well
5. run hard to stone wall intersection, then followed ne section to end, came up rentrant cleanly. Picked up Rob Michaels in this area
6. ran back to end of stone wall, then contoured above steeper slope until contour turned north, right out onto spur cleanly
7. clean
8. Bad compass work
Confused parallel features
Disturbed by others
followed stone wall across gap until short section reappeared, then turned SW, but drifted low, possibly affected by Rob's prescence lower down and wound up on larger indistinct marsh. Eventually climbed enough to get the correct marsh.
9. clean
10. bearing & pace count - checking off features carefully
11. slowly checking off features on bearing - intricate terrain equates with slow time. Picked up Jim Arsenault in this area. Thought he was on Blue due to a number of identical legs in this area, but he was on Red.
12. depending more on bearing/pace rather than feature assessment - fast pace..
13. fast to stonewall trail jct, then just north of larger cliff, then pace count from stonewall corner to marsh and around.
14. up and over with marsh/stonewall as intermediate - bearing and quick slide down hill
15. Bad distance judgement
Disturbed by others
direct line, crossed just N of larger green marsh, saw a different flag in waterhole, got distracted by bodies in the area and lost my pace count. Would have been OK if I went further, but wasted a few minutes re-establishing my location.
16. cautious after mistake at #15, but clean
17. travel north of marsh to east end, clean woods 300m south to flag. Fairly fast once around marsh.
18. +00:15ran hard to road then follow road to hard bend just north of flag. Initially did not see flag as 15-20 kids were playing in this vicinity, including some obscuring flag from view. Rechecked description, then made my way past the throng to punch.
F. Fast uphill sprint to finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:11:45

Split Analysis

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