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Race Evaluation

CSU Franklin Park Park-O: Franklin Park - Advanced Course


1. Overall HR ave for the race 136, max 162, which indicates I spent a lot of time moving very slowly, or not at all. HRave for this leg 127
2. HR 138
3. HR 145
4. HR 155
5. HR 155
6. HR 139
7. HR 144
8. HR 131. Misread the map, thinking the contour depicted a reentrant rather than a spur. Also, there was a fence that didn't look like the one on the map. I bailed out to relocate (clumsily), eventually returning to the exact same spot where I'd been confused not to see any likely reentrants. The second time, I ventured a bit away from the exposed rock, looking for a spur, and found the feature and the flag. Grrr.
9. HR 122
10. HR 131
F. HR 141.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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