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Race Evaluation

Pawtuckaway Camping Weekend: Blue Day 2


1. Confused parallel features
Right past yesterday's #1, but popped into wrong reentrant at the end - corrected quickly
2. +04:00Went to S corner of larger yellow marsh, and headed in almost to the control, but visibility was low, and I couldn't see the feature. Relocated by climbing hill to the north
3. Bad compass work
Drifted left, hit wall, and fishhooked in from pond
4. +00:30Went right, followed walls, went past the kolbotten, and came out in the right place, but couldn't see boulder at first in the saplings.
5. Right, and across the beaver dam in Snark Pond.
6. Confused parallel features
Drifted right, and came up the side of the reentrantthat had the stream, instead of the one with the cliff.
7. Read map too late
Followed wall, but at the end I was looking at the wrong reentrant at first, and had to hook back (circle was a little sloppy).
8. Bad compass work
Lacked concentration
Between Mymeeba Pond and the northern marsh, to the tip of Mymeeba,then followed small ponds, but blew the first attack and had to try again. Saw Clint going into it.
9. Generally slow and careful, knew right where I was, Clint parallel. He looked a little more unsure at the end.
10. Walked carefully and spiked it, Clint was to the left, but came in soon behind me.
11. Ran very coarsely until I came to the two yellow marshes SW of Upper Hold, and went between them, then read my way carefully on little ponds, south of Genial Pond, and knew exactly where I was coming into the control. Clint was already there, just a bit short and looking puzzled.
13. Confused parallel features
On the verge of reaching the control, I misread the map and turned to the right, and had to circle around and back in. Clint right behind me.
15. Did not follow plan
Doh! Headed straight for the trail, but when I saw the marsh ahead, I loooked at the map, erroneously thought I was coming from #1, and turned the wrong way, crossing the marsh instead of missing it and picking up the trail. At that point I figured I might as well go straight the rest of the way.

Total Time Lost - 00:12:55

Split Analysis

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