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Race Evaluation

CSU: Park-o #5: Stonehurst


4. Did not follow plan
Did not check features en route
Read map too late
Bad map reading
Lacked concentration
Disturbed by others
Took a wrong left turn by the marsh and took a long (too long!) time to recover.
5. Found the beginner's control at the rock and didn't check map closely enough to realize it was the wrong one. This was pointed out to me after I finished, so I collected this control and finished the race later on. My time to the beginners' 5 was 0:58.
6. Cut too far to the right the second time, had to go back up the path a bit. First time: tried in vain to keep up with JJ - went a bit too far to the left - 3:15.
7. The first time I punched my finger - making two holes kind of like a snake bite - 1:38.
8. Did not check features en route
Read map too late
Bad compass work
Confused parallel features
Lacked concentration
I am ashamed to say I got lost the second time. Wasn't paying close enough attention. Then again, I was carrying 3 conttrols in my rigtht hand preventing all use of the compass unless I put them down. First time: 1:26 - pretty good I think.
9. Took forever to untie this control. First time: 0:56.
10. Contoured both times. Hesitated before punching the first time, because the control was pretty far from any cliff - 1:40
11. Contoured both times. First time I mistook the power line feature for a stone wall and got lost - 3:44
12. Got a bit hindered by the green first time to the field - 1:48
13. Took small path both times. First time got confused by extra paths (I think) and ran around in circles instead of finding a rescue attack point. Found 14 first - 4:59
14. First time - 0:43
15. Got passed by Kristin the first time, tired - 2:27
16. First time - 0:28, good time I think.
F. Almost caught up with Kristin the first time - 0:14.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:00

Split Analysis

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