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Race Evaluation

CSU Pine Hill Park-O: Advanced


1. Fast, open run
2. Followed a stream; very clean, though I didn't take the most direct route to the stream.
3. No difficulty
4. Hesitated before the control after climbing the hill, but it was exactly where I expected it to be.
5. +00:30I was confused by the terrain in the circle; I attacked above the cliffs just to the south.
6. +06:00Epic error. I took an aggressive route over the hill; the trail network confused me a bit, but I was following the terrain ok. I ended up in the control circle, but I couldn't find the control. I relocated on the trail to the east and twice confirmed my north-souh location by following the trail; I eventually noticed it by a cliff.
7. +01:00Bad route choice, otherwise ok.
8. +03:00Wandered about a while; the control was on the wrong feature.
9. +01:00Hesitant.
10. +00:10Descended too far into the reentrant to the north before climbing back up the spur.
11. +00:10Attacked directly, but I was over the cliff with the control on it.
12. Clean, if a bit hesitant.
13. No difficulty.
14. No difficulty.
15. No difficulty.

Total Time Lost - 00:11:50

Split Analysis

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