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Race Evaluation

WCOC Ansonia Nature Center meet: Red


1. +00:45I need to read the fucking clues. I went right to the open area, which I supposed was the circled feature. Hunted around without seeing the bag which was obscured. Read the clue: knoll. Went right to it.
5. +00:20Went a bit past it, though didn't lose much time.
6. +01:00A bit confused as I approached and missed left, though I correctred without much hesitation.
7. +03:30Confused by mapping of the rocks, and though I was in the right reentrant, I didn't see the flag and circled around before coming back.
8. +00:30Pretty much straight, hooking in from the left and going a bit past it.
9. +03:30Really bad orienteering. Must have crossed the stream way left of where I thought, and couldn't figure out why I hadn't crossed the trail. When I finally hit the trail, I was disoriented and did a 180 losing a couple more minutes. Finally figured it out, but when i got to the logged area, I went to the wrong boulder.
10. Pretty much straight.
11. Trail.
13. +00:30Got off-line going through the green and popped out too far south, near the fence corner.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:05

Split Analysis

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