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Race Evaluation

CSU Cat Rock Park-O: Advanced


1. Overall race average HR 148, HR max 182. Leg average 107. Took a while to figure out that the start triangle did indeed match the location drawn on the map.
2. HR 141. Thick woods. went around to the right.
3. HR 150. Went out to the street and along. Momentarily paused to stare at the wrong earth bank.
4. HR 153
5. HR 147
6. HR 149. Bobbled among the thickets. Eventually attacked from the boulder inside the thicket to tell the various thickets apart.
7. HR 131. I guess this means I spent a while figuring out which way to run from 6 to 7.
8. HR 135. More confusion, same as prior control.
9. HR 158. Walked up parts of the hill. I guess at the T intersection of the trail was the first place I was aware of thinking that the stone wall looked farther away from the trail than it was mapped, but it didn't register to me as a problem with the map scale.
10. HR 147.
11. HR 153.
12. +01:00HR 148. Took too early a turn toward the left and ended up with water in front of me instead of a trail. Then, once I reentered the open woods, I failed to execute the plan of running over the top of and along the oval-shaped knoll. I was too far to the SE, down to the marsh, before I realized I needed to double back.
13. HR 162. Stone wall to trail, where I was forced to walk a bit more.
14. HR 162. No great attack point. Got stymied by the knoll just in front of the cliff. Took a moment to match the land to the map, and then entered the cliff-front from the right and not the left.
15. HR 146.
16. HR 148. Trails all the way.
17. HR 158. Left trail option, but slowed down at the end to match the trails.
F. HR 157.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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