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Attackpoint - performance and training tools for orienteering athletes

Race Evaluation

NEOC: Harold Parker: Adv. A


1. To path saddle - good attackpoint.
2. Dark white forest... Found convenient path, used marsh as attackpoint.
3. Many unmarked trails, had to keep a good sense of distance.
4. Underrated difficulty
Had some trouble finding the cliff in the green, should have taken compass course from one of the rocks.
5. Bad map reading
Confused parallel features
Bad distance judgement
First punched at Orange control by pond - ran into my own control by chance and realized the error.
6. Underrated difficulty
Ran all over that hill before I used the rocky field as secondary attackpoint and nailed it.
7. +00:30Left around green because I didn't know how wet the marsh would be. Should have headed to the green more diagonally.
8. +01:30Headed off from the attackpoint (bigger hill) 90 degrees off.
9. +00:30Went a bit far left into the saddle.
10. +00:45Made another 90 degree error and sprinted left on northern path for a short while.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:45

Split Analysis

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