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Race Evaluation

NEOC Nobscot: Red course


1. Trail to stone wall to rock pair that pointed up to the flag. HR 134
2. Through the green to the trail, then up the wall. HR 143
3. Trail to the jct, then carefully up the slope. Found the flag sooner, and lower than I expected. HR 148.
4. Trail NE to the wall T-junction, up through the cliff line and in. HR 141.
5. Left of the line, along trails to the large boulder just off the trail, then on a bearing, but avoiding the green, got into the reentrant with the stream too low, and had to ascend 2-3 lines. HR 134.
6. Contoured E to the little trail, past the stone wall corner, trails to the S-curved trail. A bit above where the trail crossed the reentrant, when the height was about right, paced carefully to the flag. HR 138.
7. Down the reentrant a bit left of the line, hit the little trail just where I wanted, at the jog. Passed the bare rock knoll to the L, ticked off the stone wall end, and spiked the flag. HR 131.
8. Tried the direct route, but it looked too juicy for my tastes, so I went around the swamp to the L. It seemed like a long way, but I noticed the W stone wall, and the reentrant-spur just beyond. At the stream-swamp junction, I saw no flag, but followed the stream W for about 15m to find it. HR 127.
9. Dang, I did not want to recross the swamp, so I contoured NE looking for a narrow crossable spot. I crossed and reoriented at the NS path going directly uphill. Turned NE and ran down the spur to spike it. HR 126.
10. Tried to follow the steep paths under the line, but must have taken the parallel path to the L, slightly higher. Reoriented at the boulder adjacent to the path, though the boulder looked a bit small to me, then up the hill to the flag. HR 135.
11. Trail S to the cairn along the trail -- This is a cairn? Same feature as at control #6, but I don't consider it a cairn -- then up the reentrant, did not find the 2nd cairn, aimed carefully uphill, and found the control sooner than I expected. HR 135.
12. I'm pleased with my route choice. Along the line to the L of the bare knoll, then contoured NE across the slope to the path, which I hit a bit lower than intended. Reoriented at the little cliff, then down the spur. HR 125.
13. The plan was to drop down below the cliffs, then contour S to the trail, but I wound up near the index-contour knoll before hitting the trail. Ran the trails to the open area, down past the chimney, then hit the 2nd chimney just find until I was just outside the circle at a trail junction at very close to the right height. Followed the contour line until I was at the tip, directly opposing the knoll across a gap, but the flag was not there. Ran up the spur and found the flag much higher than expected. HR 128.
14. Left #13 sloppily. Intended to drop S to the major trail, but instead wound up on the trail that ran adjacent to the pond, where I relocated. Cut across past the glacial erratic, stopped to read the description, then jumped off the trail where the stone wall crossed. Carefully ticked off boulers along the way. HR 119.
F. Trails. HR 133, maxing out at 162.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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