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Race Evaluation

DVOA Fort Washington: Red


1. +00:30Overshot, relcated at pipe under road, came back... Should've pace counted from field corner to know where to turn in.
8. +00:10Should've bailed to road quicker
9. got water, walked
10. Straight in from bend
11. +00:10Diag. up to trail bend, pace counted, but overshot on trail a bit, but recognized wigglies. - sloppy on pace counting and low conf. exit
12. +00:15Thought about bailing to road but didn't. Probably should have.
14. +00:30Pace counted, at 80 (when plan as 120) danced around the wrong bushes for a bit - again, not a confident pace counter at this point - need to relearn that.
15. Through road junc. then straight up
17. +00:35exitted 16 before noting control was at bottom. Backed up and dropped by 16, but then was caught in veg. at bottom - should've trusted map and got to the drop closer to bag.
18. +00:20Didn't recognize rusting container as building until quite late, which then helped confidence to drop off edge.
19. Perhaps I should've cross the stream on the road, then cut up? Climb was rough up near the nose.
20. Nailed, but feeling quite slow
21. Followed road-bed to road.
22. Walked
24. Elephant tracks, into forest a tad early but saw orange. Hopped over a bunch of stuff, then didn't see punch for a few seconds.
25. +00:50Exitted in deep field by path of least resistance, ending up near pavillion. Should've got to road, but took trail, and ended up veering right thinking I was on the wrong track... When making a mid-route correction, re-check the map. When you think it's easy, still confirm it, and execute... Ended up near corner of map (S of 1, then had to bail back to 25
F. Greg apparently finished his on-course warmup, than ran this...

Total Time Lost - 00:03:20

Split Analysis

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