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Race Evaluation

NEOC Nobscot: Red course


1. Followed the trail to the junction, attacked down the reentrant between the hills.
2. Through the green to the trail left of the line.
3. Up the trail, then slogged up the hill.
4. 90% trail leg, to the cliff gap (which I skirted the right edge)
5. West to the trail, along the trail to the big boulder, then straight. Spike.
6. East to the wall/small trail, to the wall junction, then across to the n/s trail, up the hill, contoured around.
7. +01:00Down the reentrant, to the rock wall junction, then over the spur. Overshot the control to the west, hit the marsh, and had to double back. In general, suboptimal route choice.
8. Across the marsh. It wasn't particularly wet or impassable.
9. +01:00North past the big boulder to the hill, across the marsh. I accidentally crossed the stream beyond 9 and realized something was wrong before doubling back.
10. To the trail, up the hill. Very slow moving up the hill.
11. +00:30Down the trail, across the stream, over the hill, to the other trail, up the reentrant. Slow moving up the hill.
12. +02:00Down the hill to the bare rock, across the trail, then contouring. After crossing the trail near the spur, I descended down the spur, but figured I must have passed the control, so I relocated on the trail at the top of the spur. Reattacked and hit it.
13. +00:30To the left of the hill, across the hilly ground to the clearing, past the ruined chimney, down the cliffs, down the spur. Took a branch to the left eye while descending the cliffs.
14. +00:15South to the large trail, then around.
F. Slow running in to the finish. I was not expecting to win this leg.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:15

Split Analysis

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