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Race Evaluation

NEOC Townsend SF: Red


1. +00:30Includes map copy time. South of Garou Pond, fell waist deep crossing outlet. Soaking wet, really green and still in sight of start. Pants very heavy. Otherwise OK
2. Heeding meet directors notes to avoid green, head se to trail, through white and up other trail attacking from marsh crossing
3. +01:30Drifted left, wound up 100m west looking at large boulder. Ran into my brother on Brown. HEaded up the hill and got there ok.
4. +02:30Intended out to trail/stream but somehow got well north, crossed trail, both streams and in... Very unsure reading map up to this point until I remember its a Mikell Platt map.
5. Out to road, around north end of Woosta Slough and in. Long way around, but less green and good attack
6. direct to trails, from last trail bend followed contours in. Punch card distintegrating
7. +01:00Out to road, back to trails almost all the way back to 6, then cut in and ran the white woods - pretty good going but wound up coming out on trail south of control. Both ends of control card now missing. No concept of flag number or description other than guessing at the feature in the circle which worked well enough
8. Ran NW along the rough vegetation boundary to trail, then south and right in. Slow poking through the occassional laurel thicket.
9. to trail, south to boulder cluster, across through semi runnable woods to other trail, attack from small knoll on west side of trail. Not sure what feature I was looking for - got into circle but glasses fogged and had to hunt for the flag.
10. bailed to the trail and ran it the long way around to the white (which wasn't), trail to stream crossing then in.
11. Kind of direc through the pine sapling forest. Came out right at the flag, must have neglected to punch here.
12. Trail run
F. done...

Total Time Lost - 00:05:30

Split Analysis

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