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Race Evaluation

Salzburg Cup 7: Long (H19 / H 35)


1. Stayed on the path and kept it slow.
2. Stayed on the roads, realised already that the map was a bit "old".
3. +00:05To avoid the "out of bounds" did an OK route choice. Was lsightly off towards the control site.
4. OK
5. I thought this was OK, but lost almost a minute to the others on it. No idea why. For me it was OK.
6. Nice
7. Sweet
8. Appart from getting stuck in the green directly after control 7 (in the butterfly) was really good. It was my route choice so no time lost.
9. +00:05Besides the green was OK. Route choice might have been just a bit off.
10. Perfect
11. Personal route choice to save green, so no time lost. Perfect to control.
12. This time skipped the green (personal choice) so no time lost.
13. Bad compass work
Confused parallel features
More or less my only mistake. Wanted to run the line feature to control, but went one too far. Wasn't train smash so just used that one.
14. Bad compass work
Compass work was shabby, should have checked more and ran 10 m to far east. Keep correction straight on to control.
15. Bad route choice
Did not like map
Bad map, and maybe route choice. My original route choice was certainly the better, but becaus ethe map is so old and not updated, my route choice went straight throught the green (the path was no longer there). Had to fight my way through about 75 m of it. This is the only place where I could have made up time. Running right off the line would have kept me out of the green.
16. Longest leg (and I felt it)
17. Did not like map
Very nice - hard control to find.
18. Leaving control could have stayed more left. Oh well. No time lose.
19. perfect
20. perfect
21. perfect, had to start activating the controls again.....
22. OK
23. OK
24. Oh man, the uphill - was so buggered!
F. Couldn't push any more.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:50

Split Analysis

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