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Race Evaluation

NEOC Townsend SF: Red


1. Copying the map seemed to take forever. Having witnessed Clint's plunge, used a safer route across the exit stream, but dropped my map into the water. :-)
2. +02:00Misread my map and headed west out of number 1 for a few seconds. Also misread the contours approaching 2, and expected a spur not a reentrant. Saw Sam Levitin near the control, and soon got my bearings straightened out.
4. +02:00Didn't read the map carefully approaching the control, and ended up at the road to the east. Ken and Greg Walker arrived at the control right after me.
5. Northwest around marsh. Went waist deep across the small beaver pond, then encountered thick laurel. After crossing the marsh, the running approaching the control was nice.
6. Used the trails, but not the road.
7. Met Michael Hughes on his way to 6, who remarked, "Dogleg."
8. +04:00Chose route west across part of green that wasn't the widest, but ended up not getting out of it until virtually at the trail near 8. However, once at the trail I didn't know where on the trail I was. Made a brief excursion, guessed my location, and headed for the control intending to skirt a mapped patch of laurel. My route encountered thicker green than expected, but then there was the control! I had guessed wrong on the trail and then lucked out.
9. +02:00On arrival at the trail near 9 I slowed down to figure out where I was, but failed until having gone an extra 150m past the marsh.
10. Back to trail, then SE. Crossed stream before reaching the next trail, and followed stream and Greg Walker to the control.
11. Went southwest, followed the trail for a little, then cut west for the control. Nasty new growth pine trees.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:00

Split Analysis

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