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Race Evaluation

NEOC Townsend SF: Red


1. +04:30Includes 2:15 copy time. Went too far along pond before turning up the hill. Hunted around aimlessly for a while in the laurel.
2. Around on trails, cutting across "white" on map. (Reality: thick with evergreen saplings.) Easy attack up reentrant.
3. +01:00Came in to the knoll to the left, figured out where I was after seeing steep drop on other side, and headed back to the flag.
4. Straight. Spiked.
5. Way around on road, trails, stone wall, earth bank. At least I kept dry.
6. Back the way I had come in.
7. Back again towards 5, then staying a bit south to avoid (most of) the green. Spiked.
8. +00:30Went north around both big patches of green. When I hit the trail, I hesitated not sure which knoll I was on. Saw Ken Sr. head into the woods, but fortunately, instead of following, I went south on trail to knoll I wanted to attack from. Lena Blom with me here; only leg I had any company.
9. +01:00Didn't go far enough south on trail and crossed over through swamp and mountain laurel. But knew where I was when I came out on trail; easy attack to stream and boulders.
10. Around.
11. Straight through "white"

Total Time Lost - 00:07:00

Split Analysis

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