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Race Evaluation

NEOC Townsend SF: Red


1. went N from edge of pond, fought through my first batch of mountain laurel to land on the control
2. ugh. Really poor route choice. NE, SE, E to the trail. Ran to bend in trail after marsh on R, then W. Wrong. Went back to trail ran N to the correct bend in trail after marsh on R, then W. Ran into a nice woman who complained she had spent 1/2 hour in the woods looking for it.
3. followed ditch for a while, then cut slightly NW
5. Decided I was sick of thick stuff. Used road.
6. Saw Michael Hughes running to 7 (but thought he was on his way to 5.)
7. Figured out what Michael was doing when I saw him before. Obviously it was the thing to do.
8. Oh s**t. Not more junk. Oh well. Plowed W through thick stuff. Ended up on the trail bend E of the control, but didn't trust myself - ended up running to the hilltop on the trail to the N and then following the ridge. Bingo.
9. Not across that mess again! Ran south for a while on the trail, then cut due E - picked up the trail on the other side ride by the trail intersection. Not as bad as before. Ran S to just before the sharp bend and went too far to the E and found a marsh (dragging that nice woman again with me). Backtracked and found the stream.
10. S to trail, then cut across. Boy was it thick with young pine. Got wet.
11. Got wetter on the way out. Still thick!
F. Now I don't feel so bad about about the stuff i had people go through at Harold Parker!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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