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Race Evaluation

QOC Beer Chase: Long Draught


1. My splits are correct. I missed the beer split but I was 2nd to Dan Quinn and first one to the road. It was about 4 seconds.
2. +00:10up road, Did a big splash in one of the puddles but only Jon Torrance saw me. Got to control Clearing and couldn't find the punch. the punch was still tucked into the little bag on the control. Jon Torrence caught me while I looking for a punch
3. Ran straight to the tree stand. Just Jon and Me in the area.
4. Ran through the marsh. Jon slightly to the left. I get to control first.
5. Cross trail and run to high ground. Hesitate a little bit short. Jon beats me there.
6. Follow the row of knolls to control. Control is a gully not a pit.
7. Start off runnng in wrong direction. Jon gets away from me. Get to clearing area but hard to tell clearings. See Jon at control.
9. +01:00I screwed up. Should have run trail longer. Kept hesitating and finally got to reentrentrant (Ditch control) and was off to right and turned the wrong way. Oh well.
10. Trail junction. Swam through the marsh up to 3 feet deep. Sure Peggy, we won't get wet.
11. Into beer. Cut corner and came out by house.
12. Gulp. Jon Torrance about 3 minutes ahead of me.
13. Huntersstand.
15. same leg, run the same way.
16. +00:30Ruin, Run by control on pit and stay to high. Get to close to clearing. oops
18. clearing again. No hesitation this time. but took a bad route. Ran around the stream instead of going straight.
19. +00:20Depression. Got off to left and hit reentrant. oops.
20. reentrant. Took trail to reentrant. then ran low around the hill. Should have cut up higher.
21. Trail junction. Hey, not nearly as wet this loop.
22. into beer. Same route. Pass Darcy and Valerie. Hi!
23. Cough, hack. Couldn't drink because I kept couging everytime I went to drink.
24. Around barn to road. Realize that green is right in front of me and not way down the road.Left side of green
25. Cut through to right side of green.
26. Punch through green. Hard to run across field.
27. Over to trail and down to dock.
28. Down trail. almost rant by it.
29. hard to tell where the clearing started. Hesitated and still went a little by it. At least no one was watching me.
30. Jog in. No sight of Eddie.
F. Quick Drink.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:00

Split Analysis

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