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Race Evaluation

QOC Beer Chase: Long Draught


1. Start – Beer 1 – Lined-up with Eddie Berterand and Tim Good, we faced the barn. I had picked-up my beer first and chose a small one. Eddie would not let me miss-out on the fun. He got Peggy Brosnan to top me off… The tall glass took me 3 gulps. I could see I was well behind Ted Good who took-off in a flash.
2. Beer 1-1 – Start to Control #232. Up the road I passed a lot of people and closed the gap on Ted and Jon Torrance but at the road bend the went left. I headed east as did David Onkst and cut the corner to the Farm Trail. I was on it until it seemed to head north enough, then cut right, no where in particular. Eddie was ahead of me as we hit the first clearings and cut left to the clearing w/the control.
3. 1-2 – #232 to #185. I set a bearing and set of after Eddie. We spiked it and he handed me the punch.
4. 2-3 – #185 to #228. Setting a bearing and rushing off again, Eddie and I got a bit left as we splashed through the marshy area shown as a trickle on the map. I passed him and saw the low ridge on the right. Eddie had corrected behind and before me but I got there first this time and handed him the punch.
5. 3-4 – #228 to #213. Again, like the first time I came through I cut right at the Upper Railroad Bed Trail, then left at the intermittent trail. I went all the way to the bend, then cut hard to the right. I rounded the green to the right and spiked it.
6. 4-5 – #213 to #205. Straight out, I thought consciously not to skip the control which was in a straight line to the next. I read the earth walls in.
7. 5-6 – #205 to #210. I crossed the stream on the road, then cut the corner to the Beech Trail. Reading the green and the dot knolls, I came around from the SW.
8. +03:456-7 – #210 to #214. On this leg, I got confused. Before crossing the creek, I had already thought I was going not from #210 to #214 but from #214 to #215. Things didn’t look right but were similar enough. I knew I was crossing a creek or a stream that had been swollen. Once across, it was not directly uphill but across a flood plain first. I incorrectly attributed this to a mapping error which could be expected since Dave Linthicum didn’t expect this map to be used. Uphill to the trail, I then ran to the next big reentrant and dropped leftward. Not finding it, I read and then continued. I circled back and saw Eddie Bertrond passing me by. Realizing finally that #213 was control #13 for me, I was able to calculate that this was the 16th control and that I should be looking at the #7 control on map 2. After that, I went almost directly to it coming off the trail. Time Lost: 3:45
9. 7-8 – #214 to #231. I ran to the trail and the bend at the next reentrant. Crossing it, I climbed the hill to the trail on the other side rather than go around and fight the green. I spiked it after that coming down and off the trail.
10. 8-9 – #231 to #233. I crossed the reentrant, then ran straight to and across the next. There was no hesitation at the unmapped lake this time. I ran right into it. 1/3 of the way across it got deeper. I stumbled and dunked the map but it survived enough. I came out of the woods near the barn and went south to the control from there.
11. 9-FL2 – #233 to FL2. With this being the second time for this leg, I ran on the trail, then cut left into the woods just a little earlier. I came out at the house and could see that Ted Good was already finished as I was handed my beer in fourth. Eddie Bertrond was nowhere to be seen.
12. FL1 to Beer 2 – This beer was smaller than the first. Breathing harder than the first seemed to help. I got it down in a gulp though some dripped. Peggy thought I was loosing too much of it.
13. Beer 2-1 – B2 to #218. Running out the road this time, I felt like maybe I was feeling the beer a bit. I felt more tired and didn’t run as hard. This time I went all the way to the Farm Trail before cutting left. I didn’t use the trail but instead set bearing and aimed-off a bit so that I ended-up on the west side of the marsh shown as a trickle. I got caught-up in some green as I ran along the marsh but it took me right to the tree stand.
14. 1-2 – #218 to #173. Just running on bearing, I was there in no time.
15. 2-3 – #173 to #228. Running almost the same route as I did earlier, I got left again crossing the marsh but knew to look to the right on up to the low ridge.
16. 3-4 – #228 to #142. Running straight, across the marsh shown as a trickle, I hit the Upper Railroad Bed Trail and headed SE. Cutting left on the intermittent trail, I went to the contour and cut right. I paused seeing the deep gully-like reentrant. I was looking for a pit. Going to the edge, I saw it and it was right. Eddie went on past here because it wasn’t his control.
17. +00:454-5 – #142 to #181. I went right, around the green areas. Crossing the Beech Trail, I went on bearing but got turned left a bit. I hit the stream bank at the dot knolls NE of the control. I can’t say that I remember seeing the knolls but read for a little. I came SW and found the pit where someone else was looking, then continued to the next with the control. Time Lost: 0:45
18. 5-6 – #181 to #210. I went straight mostly but used the River Farm Rd. a little. I cut the corner to the Beech Trail and came around the green circle. I following the dot knolls then cut in to the control. I think Eddie was here about the same time.
19. 6-7 – #210 to #221. I ran down the spur to cross the creek, then came-up the spur on the other side. Cutting left at the top, I dropped a little to spike the control right where I thought it’d be.
20. +01:307-8 – #221 to #212. I ran the trail at first and followed it around the big first reentrant. Cutting across from there, I found the trickle to be a big pond—I ran through it. Hitting the next stream bank, I wasn’t sure which direction to turn. I went right until I could see the road, then turned around to find it. Time Lost: 1:30
21. +01:408-9 – #212 to #233. I went down the ditch, then crossed to the other side. I thought I was too far right so I adjusted left. Upon hitting the huge pond where the map showed white woods, I at first thought I did something wrong. I ran right across and enjoyed both that I didn’t sink and that the water was cool not cold. My bearing was still too far left as I hit the trail between the two intersections. Once again I chose incorrectly, going left to the wrong intersection before turning around and getting to the correct one. Time Lost: 1:40
22. 9-FL1 – #233 to the finish of Loop 1. I ran up the trail while it headed straight, then cut left through a gap in the green. Fortunately it continued enough for me to make it to the house. As I got there to cheers from Peggy and Heidi, they told me I was in 3rd place. I tried not to sprint in so as not to be too out of breath.
23. FL2-Beer #3 – Finish loop # to the third beer. I was a little more thirsty this time and could gulp it better.
24. +01:45Beer #3 to 1 – Beer #3 to #216. I ran up the road like before, going around to the right side where the opening would be more obvious. I cut in correctly but with the grass overgrown, I didn’t discern the next turn. I went straight, coming out of the deep grass, going north and cutting-in right at the next opening. There I found the second control. I ran south and right to it from there. There was no hope of catching Eddie now. Time Lost: 1:45
25. 1-2 – #216 to #208. At first running back fast, the way I’d come, I almost tripped on the wooden planks so then I slowed down.
26. 2-3 – #208 to #234. Once out of the green area, I could see the next green area where the control was. I stayed a little right for better running, then hesitated just before seeing it further on the north side of the copse than I thought it’d be.
27. 3-4 – #234 to #222. The scale surprised me as I was at the triangle intersection before I knew it. I felt I paused before going up the right trail.
28. 4-5 – #222 to #230. Coming down the trail, I thought to count the intersections but realized I probably passed at least one already. They weren’t very obvious. Further along, I just decided to run and watch. It was easily visible from the trail.
29. 5-6 – #230 to #215. I ran fast down the trail again and turned right to the tree. I stopped when I didn’t see it but another step or two later I could see it and punched.
30. 6-FL3 – #215 to Finish of loop 3. I didn’t want to run too fast or else I’d be too out of breath to drink.
F. FL3-Beer 4 – FL3 to Beer 4. I got it down in a gulp and felt a little loss of balance afterward.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:25

Split Analysis

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