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Race Evaluation

Sumas Mountain Adventure Challenge: Middle Distance M21-34E (Course 8)


1. Unused to map
The start procedure set me up for a bad race. We were being released from the start chute along flags to the start triangle through the forest without knowing from which direction we arrived at the triangle. I felt like put at the triangle out of nowhere. I did not see an intersection, stand there for a bit confused and proceeded to run on the wrong trail of course. Things did not make sense though after several seconds, and I decided to run on a compass direction until I cross the semi open ride. Not a good start and a set up for a clean race.Crossing the ride with a lot of deadfall was much slower than running on the trail.
2. Ran on bearing
3. No attack point
Hesitated after crossing the ride
6. +00:40Proceeded slowly and uncertain. Stopped midway under the reentrant there thinking that this is the one right under the control. did not see the control, proceeded and climbed up and south, stopping 5 meters above the control without seeing it.
7. Lacked confidence
8. Bad compass work
Exiting CP7 in the wrong direction, coming to 8 way to the left
9. Bad compass work
after crossing the road got a bit to the right and checked the hill to the right of the control
19. Did not check features en route
Did not like map
Bad map reading
There was something that I did not liked on the map here.
21. Did not check features en route
Lacked concentration
Saw the flags and stopped thinking/looking at map did not see the last control. Browsed back and fort a bit. A looong bit.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:05

Split Analysis

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