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Race Evaluation

OOC Meech Valley: Long advanced


1. Until I looked over the valley to what must be the first control, I headed off on a trail which would have been far right of control but that trail's not on map.
2. The deer flies were so relentless I was already considering packing it in.
3. I hesitated far too long at intermediate controls half way to my control.
4. WSW to trail, S on trail, W at intersection, count 300 to dry stream bed and up passed unmapped cliffs to the BIG cliff and then look at control card: on top of cliff???
5. I took N bearing and this time hesitated less at unmapped reentrants en route.
6. bearing walking
7. I used compass again and got nice wet feet walking straight through stream.
9. This was fast forest running down to Spring Lake creek entrance and then back up again.
10. More fast forest but still couldn't resist looks at not so big rocks going up the valley to the BIG rock.
11. I followed white woods to the trail but the trail itself was slow with rocks and mud until I left trail for boulder, boulder and hill.
12. I tried W bearing without detail compass work but I fell S of control had to climb back up.
13. This should have been a straightforward trail run but the snowshoe trail died out in summer grass growth. I went up and N too early until I saw Robbie fly by.
14. Again the trail going through GREEN seemed to be absorbed by green. I ended up just messing about in a general S direction.
15. I thought I could have done this straight field run without compass bearing but reentrants were not visible through tall grasses until after arriving in forested stream bed and then I had to head left.
16. WIth no drinking water on course, I had little left for speed on the very straightforward field run.
17. Tall grass or not, I still should have run better than 9min/k for final legs.
F. Strange for me, I went straight through fields rather than bordering roads.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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