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Race Evaluation

SVO Rocky Ridge: Red


1. road
2. +01:00ran past like a dummy.
3. +03:00Weak attack off the trail bend, then on pace but was high I think. Went down to find anything and finally hit terrace below. Ugh
4. bearing and contour straight in
5. +00:10A little right.
7. straight up from cliff.
8. north to trail
9. Stock hop.
11. +02:00off trail bend, then saw the unmapped colliers hut above the mapped one, but still was high and left. Bounced off trail. sloppy.
12. striaght to terrace on trail then down the fall line.
14. +00:15On contour and pace to giant boulders, then up. Hesitated a bit, and slow in the slippery rockflow.
15. Just ran diagonally uphill to the funnel.
16. trail.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:25

Split Analysis

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