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Race Evaluation

Hickory Goat: 18k Goat


3. R fork, which left a good road run to 4, but lost ~3-4 minutes due to misplaced bag.
4. Lost ~1 minute at misplaced bag.
5. Skipped
6. Poor exit from 4 and slow through eye-branches.
7. Not so sure about the next few multi-splits, even after comparing with Randy. Perhaps after Sergei & Mihai enter splits, I'll figure it out better?
11. This splits seems high because I think I did fine on this leg, spending most the route right near the stream.
12. Skip
13. Passed Florin here
15. Exitted straight through crappy green. Should've got R. Saw Florin again well ahead leaving 15.
16. But Florin looked way off the the left on his bearing, so I went more right, aiming off a little (hit 1 stream bend W of bag) and looped right in.
17. +02:00Saw Florin coming in on exit so pushed to road, kept right on road, exited road early and came back to it. Found gap near earth bank pretty well, then swerved way to far north through saddle before banking up reentrant then to bag
18. +00:30Went through part of what was pretty tough 'crossable' marsh.
19. Straight.
20. Aimed off R and bounced off pond.
21. R fork, which was fast to 21.
22. +05:00Trail to 22 was 18 years overgrown by medium green, and trying to figure out where it was became a waste of time. Eventually followed a bearing and controls and some veg. features to bag. After much grunting, I even cursed at the map...
23. +00:20To road, cut through white to dirt road SE to NNE of bag, then attacked down bouncing off pines, and missed one notch L of bag, but recovered quickly.
24. Rough compass, saw hill & bag 100+m away. Trying to beat 3 hr.
F. Beat 3 hr, with 1 minute to spare...

Total Time Lost - 00:07:50

Split Analysis

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