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Race Evaluation

Hickory Goat: 18k Goat


1. Followed others
Its a goat ... who am I to read the map on the first leg. Used the time to look ahead for early skips. Sergei and Mihai in the lead.
2. Followed others
Big feature navigation only in case I get dropped. Used the time to analyize the split at 3. Chose 3L as the trail run would give me a chance to analyize the rest of the course. Also know that area around 3R is tricky.
3. +00:20Surprised Sergei goes 3R. Florin goes with him. Mihai goes 3L but is out of sight. On my own already, which is fine with me. Decide 5 and 9 as the obvious skips. Skipping 12 rather than 9 saves more distance, but 9 saves climb, and the 8-10 navigation is trivial. 11-13 looked more problematic than 12-13 as well. Attack a little too soon and end up low.
4. +02:30Boom, relocate off the hill to the south. No bag, verify the pool to the north. Florin is here, we agree we're in the rigjt place and decide to press on.
5. skip
6. With Florin. Read the ripples and the clearings and am blessed to find a bag. I think I drop Florin here.
7. Off the trail junction. Not moving very fast. The woods on the west of the map are really light green, and its rocky underfoot everywhere. Where it is clear, there are often ferns.
8. +00:30Too far left and have to cross that cliff. Home field advantage knows that the dark green is no big deal, rhodos that you can get thru fairly easy, but I should have been aware of the cliff
9. skip
11. I wasn't moving fast enough for the navigation to be difficult. First reentrant looked different in the field, tho. Because of form lines?
12. See a gu here, wonder if it is Sergei or Mihai. Despite my glacial pace, I still figure to be in third. The woods are not going to fast for anyone, I figure.
13. Run the property boundry ride for a while, but it is no faster than the woods, so cut in at a logical point and take a pretty good route around the first hilltop and in. Home field advantage here as I know this area well.
14. Actually read the laurel on the way. Feel unable to pick up the pace from a slow slog.
15. Thru the green, read everything en route.
16. Took a chance
Underrated difficulty
Did not like map
Nothing to read, too arrogant to aim off. I've never aimed off in my life, perhaps I should start. Hit upstream, thought I was downstream. Found swamp to the east, but no hill. Saw several (unmapped) formline hills in the area. Was on hill to west of that swamp, just farther and at a different angle than mapped (IMHO). No one coming along to bail me out, must have a decent lead on those behind me.
17. +02:00Think I cut off the trail too early.Thought I found the spur off the east-west trail section and then into the patchy white green, but ended up on the green hill on the other side of the creek. Not sure how I got there without going thru solid green, but that is what I did. And the laurel, med green, was much nastier than the rhodos, dark green. Saw Mihai on the way in
18. Bad map reading
Cannot keep up with Mihai. Pass to the left of the marsh and get tangled in nasty laurel/greenbriar combo. All hope of catching Mihai gone. Green not mapped very strongly.
20. +00:10Saw the bag from a good 2 or 300 meters, so take the opportunity to study the 21 split. Then can't find the bag! Quick recovery
21. Left fork allowing the option to 22 of white/road run if the laurel looks too nasty (which it was). Home field advantage knows the right route to 22 is impassable without a machete and some serious defoliant.
22. Have to take the around route from 21L
23. Did not like map
Lacked concentration
From the getgo, this control looks like trouble. I've been in here before, and remember the veg bountries being tough, but have never had to look for a bag in here. I look for the old ladies, because everthing else looks like a bingo parlor. Three attacks and 10 minutes lost later, I find something that looks pleasantly orange. No one bails me out, so I figure I haven't lost a place. I figure I was pretty tired, and didn't concentrate as much as I could, as some thought the veg boundries and the bag were fine. I personally felt the boundries were vague and the bag off (I did feel I was in the center of the circle twice). Oh well.
24. Walk it in
F. Walk it in. Nice race, and nice course. I was a bit sloppy and the unending physical woods, I think, took their toll towards the end of the race.

Total Time Lost - 00:20:00

Split Analysis

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