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Race Evaluation

Hickory Goat: 18k Goat


1. Started at the back and in no hurry to move up. Followed the pack.
2. Followed.
3. Right fork. A little behind Dan S. as we attacked from the control on the stone wall 1/2 way there. Should have had no trouble but got messed up in the green. Wyatt, Dan, Dave and several others all wandering around. Should have bailed and gone to the left fork.
4. Just behind Dan again. Dave behind me. Two others were high. Dan and I took the right line but no control. Realized we had passed it. I circled back. Dan attacked from road. I found the labeled streamer but did not really like the depression. Think Dan went on after checking the streamer. I looked some more before giving up. With Mark Frank and Dave Onkst and Francis Hogle just behind.
5. Skip.
6. 3 and 4 used up what energy I had so I slowed considerable. Left Dave and Mark behind but started looking to early and Mark caught back up. Came in from trail on far side, cutting in where all the short goat runners were comming out.
7. Decided on trail around. (What was I thinking) Missed the trail, went thru rocks and green, misinterpreted where I was and stumbled across the trail. Dave was running down it. Cut off late to miss green on hill top but cut back to sharply and completed missed the rocky part of the reentrant where the control was. Going down the rentrant and saw them leaving.
8. Need the map to remember this part.
12. Mark decided to skip this. I want the food and was using 4 as a skip. Dave and I went togother to 12. Nice crawl thru the green at the stream and no trouble with the control. We think we will be able to catch back up with Mark later.
13. With Dave Onkst. Dave found a punch card in the middle of green as we crawled out from the stream. Took the ride most of the way then angled to go near the rocks on the hill top. Drifted off somewhere and missed all the rocks. Kept trying to follow rocks and eventually realized we had no idea where we were anymore. Headed to stream to relocate on #14. Bearing back and this time we found the rocks. Saw Glen Tryson appoaching 14 as we started back. If we had not decided to use 4 as a skip we probably would have gone on from 14 without going back.
14. At least I can retrace my steps. Pegged it.
15. Got a bit left. Lots more green than mapped and when we went left to get to the edge of the green we never found it. Lots of unmapped dry ponds and marshes. Gave up and headed for the stream and 16. Well left when we hit the stream. Bearing back and this time hit the correct part of the green.
16. Spiked this one also.
17. Out to power line then trail. Told Dave not to wait on me since I could feel cramps coming and knew I would slow even more. He dropped me on the trail. Almost cramped while crossing the green area with the flowers above the stream. Spend a few minutes admiring the view before I could go on.
21. Left fork.
22. Took the route with the least green and headed for the clearing on the road. Still more green then I could handle and came close to cramping again. Jogged once I reached the road.
23. Road to right, then cut across on small trail to road near parking. Jogged the road sections. Went up the fairway for hole 11 on the disc golf course and apparently right by the control. Could not match up the map and woods and went in to far. Eventually just followed the veg boundaries. Heading back toward road to attack again when I found it.
24. Straight.
F. Started toward closest picnic table then figured we might finish near registration so looked at my map.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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