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Race Evaluation

Hickory Goat: 9K Little Goat


1. Following the crowd up trail and through the open. How could this have been faster than straight?
2. Still following, got a bit wet through the marsh.
3. Not having seen 9-10-11, I decided to skip 3 and push it on the trail to 4. Heidi Onkst went with me.
4. I might have been the 1st for #4, came in off the trail at the form line.
5. Aimed left, got a bit bogged down coming down along the cliff line to the flag. Heidi caugt up at the control.
6. Straight to the left of the green, ticked off the 3 small ponds before entering the dense green in the circle.
7. Aimed a bit right, fixed the position at a stream bend, and in.
8. Wanted to keep to the right of the stream bend and avoid crossing it twice, but running with a group and went left of the line, crossing twice, and running nearby the small thicket. Came off the path just after the small pond that I had misread as a bare rock and in.
9. Straight. Attacked from the reentrant SE of the circle.
10. This flag was mishung about 100-150m W of the circled depression. Went to trail, ran around an icky green pond, and pace counted from the T-shaped trail junction along a contour. I thought others were too high, while I went low to relocate from the oblong depression S of the circle. The many eyes of the group helped locate the flag that was nowhere near the circle and not even a comparable feature.
11. Went to 11L via the Fourth Run Trail to another T-junction, then carefully pace counted and matched the reentrants, and missed. I was coming in from the trail bend E of the flag when I heard the group had found it.
12. Pushing downhill to the trail, ran across the spillway getting feet wet intentionally, then to the stone wall T and in.
13. SE to the road. Tim + 1 had gone straight. Alone on the road, I came in from the road/trail jct straight north. Tim had just left as I approached.
14. SE to clearing to road to dirt road, seeing if I had enough to pass Tim on the run in. As we approached the crowded beach area near a road bend, I ducked off the road and sprinted around a building and between 2 dumpsters, gapping Tim where he couldn't see me.
F. In to the chute clear of a cramping Tim in 3rd place.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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