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Race Evaluation

Prospect Hill: Night-O


1. Path
2. Path
3. Underrated difficulty
Bad distance judgement
To corner of path and in. No control description, went too far down. Tried counting steps from corner of fence, but too short.
4. +00:30To junction and up the hill. Missed a bit to the right
5. Bad compass work
Went too far right - light/dark green. Cut left at path junction to hit fence and run to corner.
6. Bad compass work
Confused parallel features
Went a bit too far up on the left side of the cliff, ran back after a short while.
7. Navigated carefully on the paths. Used path corner closest to reentrant as attack point.
8. +01:00Got a bit lost out from 7 on the many small paths. Ended up at East entrance of park. It would have been nice to have conrol descriptions - it was on top of the cliff, and I came in below. :)
9. Lacked confidence
Went too far left, took me a while to trust my intuition.
10. Did not like map
Lacked confidence
Almost went to the control very early on, but hesitated because the large features on top of the hill had changed. Ran around on top of the hill for a long time before I was confident I was in the right spot.
11. Path to junction, back in.
12. Easy
13. Confused parallel features
14. Bad route choice
Underrated difficulty
Tried using corner of building as attack point. Would have been better to use the rock down by the building.
15. Used corner of building as attackpoint - successful this time.

Total Time Lost - 00:28:00

Split Analysis

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