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Race Evaluation

US Night-O Champs: Red


1. Realized right away that it was foggy in the woods, so I took off my headlamp and carried it in my hand, down by my waist for the whole course. (In fog, you don't want the lamp on your head, because you get too much glare bouncing back off of the fog droplets. Better to have the light low down on your bumper.)
2. Attacked from stone wall corner 150 W of control, but didn't keep a very stright line, and noticed by compass that I had turned. So I wasn't sure where I was, and went slowly, but still found it without too much fuss.
3. Left control too far left, hit trail, went SE until I found boulder, but then did a bad job from there, and spent a bunch of time looking around in the bunch of rocks/cliffs 100 m NW of control.
4. Went SE instead of SW, hit stone wall, then went SW to trail, but wasn't where I thought I was, and hit stone wall beyond control. Figured it out and headed in to control.
5. Intended to go directly to trail, but went parallel to it for a while, but then I corrected, things were fine. Couldn't read the map near the control, because the green blobs obscured the contours and just turned it into mush. Encountered Daniel Schaublin, and was with him most of the time until I ditched him at #8.
6. S to wall, W to end, SW to trail, S to bend, W to trail, N to bend, short attack to control.
7. Trail. Passed by a bunch of people because I was screwing around with the strap on my battery belt, which had loosened up because it was so wet.
8. S on trail to boulder, then attacked eastward. We missed it, and bailed to the trail on the S side. Found boulders SE of control, and attacked from there. I was more careful than Daniel (boulder-hopped), and got away from him. Printing quality was a big issue here: even the following day, with good lighting, I can barely make out the contours in the green. At night, I couldn't see them at all.
9. Straight.
10. Attacked from fireplace, no problem.
11. Mistook stone walls on map for trail, but found a logging trail through the slash anyway. Wasn't sure where I popped out on road, so I went S on dirt road to clearing, then back N to trail. Overshot trail bend by a little, and backed up to stone wall to attack.
12. Straight, found rocks on E edge of circle first.
13. Overshot side trail by a little bit.
14. Western (lower) trail.
15. Trails the whole way, opening up the speed. Paused once to check map.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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