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Race Evaluation

US Night-O Champs: Red


1. Went out slow because I didn't trust myself. Found the first control ok.
2. Ran N to road then attacked from junction. Plan was to head for the wall to the SE of the control then move off the wall and go N. Somehow strayed N and found wall to N of junction. E from there to wall, back a little, N to trail, S to control.
3. E to rocky area, wandered only a little. Hey! same time as j.j. to here.
4. Blasted S. found boulder pair at trail/wall. Easy from there.
5. Navigated to boulder cluster, then found big boulder SE of control. Don't know why it took so much longer to find the right one.
6. In hindsight, my route choice really sucked. Ran trail S, NW, cut across, etc. Big waste of time.
7. Pace counting can be useful! Took the trail + counted. Ducked in a little early and then paralleled the trail.
8. Not being able to see the contours on the map really forced me to rely on pace-counting. I left the trail after 100 paces then went SE. Followed rocks.
9. Straight shot.
10. Another REALLY poor route choice. Went NW through everything. Got confused where I was when I emerged.
11. Went S. to trail then ran for what seemed too long before I found the road. N to wall corner, find the trail, run to wall crossing and in.
12. Went N through muck. Overshot to trail, then back.
13. Followed trail W of control, turned in more N than I thought. Wandered a bit, then looked S and saw high lights. Worked it out, picked up a couple of other orienteers for the trip to 14.
15. Two of us went N, another W. Who got there first? (I certainly didn't. Punched in just ahead of Jim Arsenault, who finally had caught up with me -- he started 24 minutes after me.)
F. Didn't look at the map which was a slight mistake. Ran W from the control. Then saw the lights. Very fast to beat Jim.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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