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Race Evaluation

US Night-O Champs: Red


1. Hesitated at start since I had seen others head N and the trail E looked like a better route. Took the trail and attacked from jct S of control. Feeling confident except ribs are hurting when I run. May have cracked something when I slipped on the swimming platform yesterday.
2. +02:00Out NE to road and spaced when I got there. Thought I was on N-S road and running N to clearings. (Which is where I would have been if I had taken trail to SW like I should have) A compass check or half a brain would have told me I was running W toward parking area. Even saw Robert running the other way. Got to parking entrance and turned around to run back up the hill. Went in at jct. followed stone wall a bit then cut the corner to hit wall E of control. N until I found it.
3. +04:00Someone caught me at 2 and followed in direction in 3. Went straight ticking off the features and missed it badly hitting the trail to the S. He attacked from there, I went NW to jct before attacking. He won and was gone before I got there. Light is giving me problems, it flashes off for a moment whenever the battery is jarred.
4. +02:00Straight again and missed again. Drifted and hit wall near the boulders. Attacked from there. Caught Robert B again.
5. Trail to bend near the wall corner N of the control. Attack from there and no problem. Caught guy from 2,3.
6. Straight to trail but more left then intended. Probably should have gone left or straight thru but took conserative right trail. Realized it was way out of the way and cut across saving very little. Attacked from Wall,trail jct N of the control.
7. Went straight using the stone walls. Glasses had fogged up and gotten so wet by this point I could not read the map. Had to stop and wipe them on the emergency paper towels carried for this purpose. Had a bit of trouble near the bag but just ran uphill until I found it. Should have taken the trail.
8. +17:00No idea what when wrong here. Trail S to get to the better woods then cut in and missed it. Came out at big boulder near the trail and saw numerous people coming out and heading for next control. Attacked from there, the marsh and trail bend to E, missing each time. Finally stumbled across it. Have to wipe glasses again. Do this periodically for the rest of the course.
9. +25:00Problems again. Past big boulder, small marsh and could not find it. Circled, out to wall several times but no luck. Robert B passed me again. Finally found it attacking from stone wall jct on way to 10.
10. Trail to fire circle.
11. +04:00Not sure if splits are accurate here. Missing one and it is either 11 or 13. This time seems high but so does 14. Trail to road then over to clearing and attack from corner. As usual I missed it. Turn back at marsh before 12. See Robert B on the way to 12. Should have taken the trail from road and not the clearing.
12. This may have been split to 13. Straight and managed to identify enough rocks to find the right one. See Robert heading back to 12, he must have overshot also. Light problems have gotten much worse. The outages have gotten more frequent and the connect is poor. Light is dimmer than it should be unless I put pressure on the battery connection. Switch from 6 watt to 12 watt bulb. Helps some.
13. Straight. Hitting the steep ground to S and following it in.
14. +03:00Not sure where the time went. Walking now and worried about the light. Think about switching to emergency penlight. Straight figuring to miss control and attack from far side. Drift off and hit trail to E. took it to wall and cut in and looked. Took awhile to find, don't know why.
15. Trail.
F. With this lousy time, not worth the effort to sprint in. Plus ribs are still hurting. Looking at the map afterwards, I cannot explain why I did so poorly. It looks like a good course with lots of attack points and catching features so I should not have been able to have the big losses I did.

Total Time Lost - 00:57:00

Split Analysis

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