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Race Evaluation

TGoIF: Green


3. +01:00Stopped a bit short at the cliffs on the spur N of the control, otherwise Ok
4. +02:00Lost contact, relocated near boulder 80M SW of control, then up the reentrant
6. Crossed the wall, but never saw the trail, over the N end of the marsh to the base of the hill, then on compass. Stopped before the control at the two large boulders in the circle, but not mapped. Then I saw the flag, so all's well
7. +03:00On compass, then ran along wrong spur to the N. Lots of spurs around there.
9. +02:00NW to the wall, thought I was at the top of the hill, but was 120m E. Went N, but nothing looked right. Finally relocated then OK
10. Took the trail E then N, just N of the narrow marsh that was really part of the pond. Jeff S was about 2 minutes faster on the same route
11. Cut down to the lake too soon, kind of slow going.
13. Right under the line. Across the top of the knoll halfway, then stopped at each of 3 or 4 spurs looking for the one that was mapped.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:00

Split Analysis

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